Ways to Get Involved

Wondering how to connect? Have a particular interest you want to explore with or drum up support for? Whatever your passions, talents, and time constraints, you can connect with the LavenderCal community in any of these ways:

Want to spark a discussion or explore a concern with others in our community? Have an idea to run up the rainbow flag pole? Want to publicize an activity of potential interest to Cal LGBTQ staff and faculty — whether on our campus or elsewhere in the Bay Area? LavenderCal’s listserve exists for all these purposes, to benefit the Cal faculty and staff community.

To send an announcement, invitation, or query to the several hundred subscribers to the LavenderCal listserve, email lavendercal@lists.berkeley.edu.  (If you’re unsure about what is appropriate to post, ask for advice by first sending an email to lavmail@lists.berkeley.edu.)

Have a question? Want feedback on an idea before taking it “out” in the public arena? LavenderCal moderators will be happy to respond to individual questions, comments, or inquiries that are emailed to lavmail@lists.berkeley.edu. (Confidentiality is always respected.)

Open to more involvement?  Got time to volunteer?  Want to develop your skills and expand your professional and personal circles through giving to our community in ways that are comfortable — or challenging — for you?  LavenderCal's volunteer coordinators can connect you with one–time tasks, short-duration projects, and longer-term or open-ended opportunities on campus. Email lavmail@lists.berkeley.edu and also browse these web pages regularly for Calls for Volunteers and emerging opportunities.